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Always anti-fascist, always inclusive and always a shambles!

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Easton Cowgirls are a women’s football club based in Easton, Bristol. We organise training and games to enable women of all ages (18+) and abilities to play football.

We welcome women who have never played before as well as more experienced players, and also encourage women who have stopped playing to return to the game.

We regularly play in tournaments in the UK and abroad as well as organising our own. Recent trips have included a solidarity tour to Palestine’s West Bank, the St Pauli AntiFa tournament in Hamburg and the Anti-Racism World Cup in Belfast. As well as playing football, we also have a big social focus, and value our fun as much as our footy.

For more information email easton.cowgirlsfc@gmail.com, check out our facebook page, follow us on twitter or just turn up to a training session (details below).

Easton Cowgirls and Cowboys at Sankt Pauli Antira 2014

Easton Cowgirls & Cowboys at St Pauli Anti-Ra 2014

We’re not just a football team!

Easton Cowgirls are part of the Easton Cowboys and Cowgirls Sports and Social Club, a socially and politically-focused organisation, and is run entirely by volunteers. We are part of a global network of clubs who recognise all people’s right to equality, irrespective of their age, class, culture, disability, gender, race, religion, or sexuality.

Our anti-homophobic, anti-racist and anti-fascist ethos is at the core of our club and is what distinguishes us from other football teams. As such, we expect our members to share this ethos and to get involved in the wider activities of the club as much as possible. 

If this doesn’t take your fancy, don’t worry – casual women’s football is growing in Bristol and there are a number of other friendly and inclusive local teams you could try (e.g. see here).

For more information about the Easton Cowboys & Cowgirls club ethos, please see our welcome leaflet.

Showing off our new kit outside our home the Plough

Thinking of joining us?

If you would like to try us out just turn up to training (details below). We train all year round and play casual 5 or 7-a-side. There is no team selection – anyone who wants to play gets to. However, we do expect a certain level of commitment to try to attend training (as well as other events) as much as possible – this is how we fund our continued existence and how we bond as a team.

New players are allowed a 4 week trial period before deciding whether to join. Membership costs £20/10 per year (waged/unwaged), paid by bank transfer, cash or paypal. This money goes towards equipment and our emergency ethical fund. However, we believe that money should never be a barrier to participation – if you can’t pay just tell us.

Join at https://membermojo.co.uk/cowgirls. You must be a member in order to play for the Cowgirls in the league or at tournaments.

You are also welcome to join us on a social basis, without the football bit. Get in touch or join us at the Plough after training.

All members have a say in the running of the club, and we have regular meetings to make decisions on training etc at which everyone is welcome. Each year we elect a voluntary committee who have responsibility for the day to day running of the club. However, everyone is encouraged to chip in as much as possible – every member of the Easton Cowboys and Cowgirls makes it the wonderful and diverse club it is!

Easton Cowgirls with Republica IFC and United Glasgow reppin’ solidarity in Manchester

Weekly training sessions 2018

Training is weekly Thursdays 7:30-9pm at Eastville Park, on the lower section if it’s available.

Subs are £4 (£3 low/unwaged or as much as you can pay). We play in all weathers, and will only cancel in extreme cases (i.e. we still play if it’s raining, for you non-Brits). You will need to wear footwear with grip, ideally astroturf or moulded football boots (no metal studs). Shin pads are also a good idea! We often have spare kit if you don’t have your own, just ask us.

While we have a coach, we all chip in to teach each other and expect everyone to help maintain a fun, friendly and supportive atmosphere. PLEASE NO HARD TACKLES OR AGGRO, we’re just not that kind of team! Our coach is often a member of the team volunteering their time so please try to be supportive of them.

Join us at our home pub the Plough Inn (opposite Easton Community Centre) after training for chat and free food!

Bristol Women’s Football Casual League

Working with others, the Easton Cowgirls have established a casual 7-a-side football league to provide opportunities for women to play competitive football in a fun and inclusive environment on a regular basis. Since it’s formation in 2012 with just 5 teams, the league has gone from strength to strength (read more here).

We currently have 2 teams in the league, both of which are now full. If you have an existing team who’d like to get involved or are an individual who would like to play for next season, please email zoegibbo2000@yahoo.com.

See the results and tables from on the Bristol Women’s Football Casual League website.

Team News

Casual league game 1 match report

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Casual league game 1 match report

Saturday 6th October Cowgirls Mooyakas   14 – 1   Bananas Cowgirls Legendairies   1 – 3   Chicken Tikka Mo Salah Match report by Wendy The 2nd match day of the Casual League had arrived at last, and there was a hum of tense and super soggy excitement in the slippery October air. Throughout both Cow matches some of the balls were hard and tight, with Mooyakas squeezing them like lemons at a disco juice bar….and some were equally as loose and wet, with the Legendaries squeezing limes through gritted udders. No matter what the...

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Bristol Womens Football Casual League is growing!

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Bristol Womens Football Casual League is growing!

Easton Cowgirls have two teams in the Bristol Womens Football Casual League this season, which kicked off last month. The Casual League was formed in 2012 with just 5 teams (3 of them Cowgirls) and has since grown to 12 teams, a league cup and an annual tournament. It aims to provide a welcoming and inclusive space for women of all abilities to play football in a fun and less competitive environment than traditional 11-a-side leagues. The Cowgirls (especially Zoe, Harry and Soooooz) have played a big part in making the Casual League the...

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Cowgirls footy training cancelled 28th June

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Cowgirls footy training cancelled 28th June

No womens footy training tonight cos we’ll all be in the Plough watching the England game instead! Training will resume at the same time/day next week but now at Eastville Park for the summer!

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‘We Will Share Your Story’ 2018 calendar

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‘We Will Share Your Story’ 2018 calendar

This October, a number of the Cowgirls football team joined members of sister teams Republica Internationali (Leeds) and Frau Dortebecker (Hamburg, Germany) on a tour of Palestine’s west Bank. “The motto of the ‘Freedom Through Football’ tour, was ‘we will share your story’ –  our promise to share with the wider world the truth of life in Palestine and in particular to highlight the story of women who play (and excel) at football in a country where football for women is far from a cultural norm.” Read more here. A beautiful...

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Cowgirls footy training resumes 4th Jan

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Cowgirls footy training resumes 4th Jan

We are having a wee break for the festive holidays and will be back training on Thursdays 7-8:30pm at Fairfield school astroturf pitches on Muller Road from 4th Jan. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from the Cowgirls! x

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