If you’re playing for a team affiliated to the Easton Cowboys and Cowgirls, or you’ve just heard about us and want to know more, here’s some information about the whole club.


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The Easton Cowboys and Cowgirls are a sports and social club based at The Plough Inn, Easton, Bristol. Beginning with the formation of a football team in 1992, The Cowboys and Cowgirls now includes several men’s and women’s football teams, three cricket teams, two netball teams, a club for kids and families (Cowboys & Cowgirls Kids Klub, or CACKK) and a whole legion of ex-players and non-sporting members (Legends & Supporters).

We’re not just about the sport. Players, supporters, and friends of the club organise regular social events, tournaments, and trips abroad. The Cowboys and Cowgirls have become not only a large sporting organisation, but also a social club who play and party with like-minded clubs all over the world. We value our social lives and ethos as being as or even more important than our sporting activities. Ideas and commitment are the lifeblood of our community. We think big and act on it.

Over the years we’ve visited and played in Belfast, Glasgow, Hamburg, Hanover, Antwerp, Brussels, Stuttgart, Berlin, Amsterdam, California, France, Italy, Mexico, Poland, Morocco, Palestine, Argentina and Brazil. In addition, we’ve held and been part of numerous events in the UK.

All those involved in the Cowboys and Cowgirls have a voice – whether they play a sport or not. This is why there is no fixed membership of the organisation. Although each section of the club is run for, and by, its players, every player and supporter has a voice and a vote in the wider club and all club positions are elected.

The sections of the club are: Men’s Football, Women’s Football, Netball, Cricket, Legends & Supporters and the CACKK kids club. All sections are included in the ‘Full Club’, which has meetings twice a year to discuss issues that affect everyone. We also all come together to play at tournaments, party at the Plough, get involved in local or international solidarity, and celebrate our successes (or commiserate our losses).

Everyone involved in the Cowboys and Cowgirls is welcome to come to all club events and meetings.


The Easton Cowboys and Cowgirls are a club who recognise the fundamental equality of all people, irrespective of age, class, culture, disability, gender, race, religion or sexuality.

As a club we aim to promote and foster participation in sport to benefit individuals, the community and wider society.

We aim to oppose discrimination and repression in a positive way, through sport and social activities locally and with other clubs nationally and internationally.

We seek to further mutual understanding and respect for all people and to challenge discrimination. The club will not tolerate prejudiced or abusive behaviour.

We welcome all people who want to be part of a club which promotes respect, tolerance, sport and having as much fun as possible.