Alive & Kicking talks to the Cowfolk

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Join us to hear more about Alive and Kicking’s innovative approach to sport for development and find out how you can get involved.

Since 2004 Alive and Kicking have made over 900,000 ethical sports balls in its three not for profit centres across sub-Saharan Africa. The charity provides full time ethical jobs for people from vulnerable backgrounds so they can lift themselves and their families out of poverty. Proceeds from sales and additional fundraising are then used to donate Alive and Kicking sports balls to communities and support football for good organisations to deliver vital health programming.

Since opening A+K have created over 1,000 jobs, reached over 7 million children through ball donations and engaged over 82,000 young people in health education programmes

Ben Sadler invites you to hear about the work of Alive and Kicking and to explore ideas of collaboration with the Easton Cowboys and Cowgirls. Ben joined Alive and Kicking as CEO in November 2017 and brings more than 10 years experience working in sport for development organisations including 4 years living across sub-Saharan Africa.

Around the Wall – Bend it like Bethlehem

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A film made by Blue from Republica IFC about the Easton Cowgirls second football tour of the West Bank is now available to watch online here.

This documentary film follows a group of women footballers from the UK and Germany on the football trip of a lifetime to Palestine. 
Whether playing organised matches in West Bank refugee camps or informal kick-arounds on the rock-strewn pitches of hill-top villages of South Hebron, football is the common language as cultural barriers are crossed and new friendships established. 
The film’s poignant testimonies highlight cultural issues surrounding local women’s participation in sport as well as the struggle to remain steadfast on their homelands.

Support the Stansted 15

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Come and show your support for the Stansted 15 and your anger at the immigration regime

Tuesday 18th December, 18.00 at the Fountains

CACKK’s silly xmas party

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22nd December 2-4pm

Bring the kids long to the back room of The Plough for…

*Party Games!

……………oh yes and Santa is visiting too!

Just bring a gift/ gifts for Santa’s sack (under £3 and ideally wrapped) and some snacks to share if you can. And your kids obvs! Dressing up strongly encouraged! get out your elf ears and your Christmas jumpers!

This party is in the afternoon – the Cowfolk Christmas party is later in the evening.

Join CACKK (Cowboys and Cowgirls Kids’ Klub) here for info on other Cackktastic events and to promote your kid/family-friendly events to other members of our lovely club.

Yallah! Yallah! film showing CANCELLED

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*Due to circumstances outside of our control we’ve had to cancel this showing. We’ll try to arrange for a another time*
Easton Cowboys and Cowgirls in conjunction with the Palestine Museum & Cultural Centre are proud to be hosting a screening of a film commissioned by Palestinian FA vice president Susan Shalabi about the challenges facing footballers in Palestine. The director of the film will be available to conduct a Q & A after the film.


fil, 27 Broad St, Bristol BS1 2HG
Yallah! Yallah! (75mins)
The film focuses on the story of seven characters, which are connected to the world of football in one way or another. Through their daily lives, we get to know their bond with the sport, their activities and the problems they have to face due to the occupation by Israel. Even though they are constantly affected by Israel’s subjugation of Palestine, they manage to survive and endure all sorts of issues in order to enjoy one of their biggest passions: football.
Producers: Fernando Romanazzo, Cristian Pirovano, Susan Shalabi, A. M. Hijjeh
Production companies: Aqueronte Producciones, Palestine Football Association (PFA)
Most important cast: Abed-Fatah Arar / Roberto Kettlun / Yosef Alazzah / Susan Shalabi / Nabeel Hrob / Mohammad Abu Sulaiman / Eyad Abu Garguood
Language: Arabic, Spanish with English subtitles
We will also be joined on the night by the Director, Fernando Romanazzo. Fernando was born in 1977 in Buenos Aires, Argentina. He studied Image and Sound Design at the University of Buenos Aires. Fernando has worked in Ludovico Productions and founded the production company Aqueronte Productions.
We will be asking for a £5 donation on the night. All proceeds are going towards covering costs for the Director and to the Museum.

We keep fighting

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A couple of weeks ago I posted that Kenneth Macharia, a member of Bristol Bisons gay inclusive rugby team, had been sent to a detention centre awaiting deportation back to Kenya, where he could face up to 14 years in jail for being homosexual.

Following a huge campaign and lots of media attention, the Home Office announced that they would release Ken from the detention centre and stop his imminent deportation.

Well… Ken has still not be released, and today has been told again that he will be removed imminently. It seems the HO have waited for the media fuss to die down before changing their minds. Dicks.

See article in the Bristol Post here.

I can’t imagine the kind of stress this is putting on Ken, whose mum lives in the UK. Please help the campaign to keep Ken here:

1) Share away on social media: #KeepKenHome @bisonsrfc @KikiSocials @lgsmigrantsbristol @lgsmigrants

2) Rope in any media contacts

Hopefully this kind of campaign will show the gov that we’re not having their ‘hostile environment’ and general treatment of human beings looking for a better, safer life.

‘Tous ensemble’ footy tournament

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Co-hosted by Royal Zeezicht FC and Lunatics FC in the Berendrechts Woods at the Ponderosa.

All Cowfolk welcome.

Contact Nico @ Lunatics.

Stop the deportation of Ken Macharia

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Calling all Cowfolk! Do all you can to help stop the deportation of fellow sports lover Ken Macharia, member of Bristol Bisons RFC, to Kenya – where he faces persecution, violence and imprisonment for being gay. Sign the petition, write to whoever matters, share the hell out of this. We did it before, we can do it again!

While you may not think petitions do anything, in this case they do help, as the home office deals with cases that are receiving a lot of public/media attention differently (sadly).

Link to the petition:

Article in the Guardian:

Article on the BBC:

Here’s what Bristol Bisons have to say about Ken:


Ken has lived in the UK since 2009, and has worked in the UK through his work visa. In 2015, Ken joined Bristol Bisons RFC, a gay and inclusive rugby team.

Ken is an integral part of our rugby family at Bristol Bisons RFC. His commitment to the ethos of rugby and to our team is second to none. He is an important part of our community, and regularly attends our matches across the country as our match photographer, and has also undertaken training to be our first aid medic. This is very typical of Ken’s nature – always wanting to help, and always being concerned for the well-being of other people.

Ken is a quiet, kind, and caring person and he is one of the most loved people at our rugby club. Our team would not be the same without his warm character.

Deporting a good, hard-working, gay man to a country where homophobic violence and imprisonment is rife is immoral and unjust, and should be stopped.

Easton Cowboys 45s first home game!

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Come and support the 45s in their first ever home game tomorrow (Sunday) 10:30am at Rose Green, followed by the obligatory trip to HQ.

Cowgirls are proudly donning their rainbow laces

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The Cowgirl’s next Bristol Women’s Football Casual League fixture is Sat 17th Nov and all the teams will be proudly wearing rainbow laces in support of LGBTQ+ people in sport and beyond! As always, rowdy supporters are very welcome. All games are at Bristol Brunel Academy. The Legendairies are playing at 10:15am and Mooyakas are playing at 1:15pm.