Neneh is a Cowgirl

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So Neneh Cherry is a Cowgirl!!!!!

That’s our scarf… honest

How did this happen?

Well it all started in a lush Sunday morning with the Ultra’s handing Mathern Casuals a 3-1 beating at Speedwell, then the obligatory drinks at HQ, which turned into a session (surprise).

Don’t know how it happened but a few intrepid Cowboys joined a crew of Cowgirls on a mission to SWX. Luckily the boys secured guest list, jumped the queue and got handed free drinks and tickets, cheers Agron!!!!

It’s all a bit blurry but we bounced around the place and when the show started headed for the balcony for prime viewing.

Then strangely my scarf found itself rolled up in my hand and….. Oh shit Nenah takes a direct hit and now Ms Cherry is adorned in a fabulous Cowfolk scarf which she wore for most of her set, which I am sure was very good.

I am sure Nenah holds dear all of our beliefs and is a more than worthy ambassador for the Cowfolk, probably more than the idiot that chucked his scarf at her.

Good news is that I got my scarf back, along with an epic hangover!!!!

So if you’re out and about and see famous people….throw things at them.

By Ian.

Palestinian running team fundraising for UK trip

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Right to Movement Palestine, a team of Palestinian runners, are coming to Wales in June to take part in the Welsh Castles Relay.

Right to Movement Palestine was established in 2012 and take their name from Article 13 of the UN Declaration of Human Rights, The Right to Freedom of Movement. RTM uses running as a tool to highlight the basic human right of freedom of movement and to empower women to be the future leaders and runners of Palestine. RTM has nine branches all over Palestine and a few international branches. We initiated the Palestine Marathon which takes place in Bethlehem each year and is listed by AIMS (Approved International Marathons and distance Races).

They are fundraising to to pay for race fees, accommodation and transport – donate here.

If anyone is keen to run with them, you can be put on the reserve list in case there are any visa dramas.

Also, if you know anyone who could lend them a minibus from 6th-9th June please get in touch:

Remembering Anna Campbell

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Anna Campbell was a friend of the Easton Cowgirls and joined us on tour to Antwerp. She was sadly killed in Syria last year. There is a gathering on 15th March to remember Anna and celebrate what she believed in, to which all are welcome

“15th March 2019 marks the first anniversary of when we lost Anna Campbell. Anna went out to Rojava, the Kurdish region of Syria, to join the Kurdish struggle against fascism. She was inspired by the revolution because of the politics of direct democracy, feminism and environmentalism and fought with the YPJ (Women’s Protection Units), who have been at the forefront in the fight against ISIS. Anna was killed by a Turkish airstrike whilst defending the city of Afrin.

Anna lived in Bristol before she left for Rojava, and throughout her life was active in many groups and causes, including prison abolition, feminism, anti-fascism and animal liberation.

Join with us to remember Anna and all those who have fallen in the struggle, and to take a stand for all that she, and we, believe in. The demonstration will be followed by a gathering at Hydra Bookshop, where Anna volunteered, to launch a zine made by Anna’s friends and comrades and to (hopefully) link up with the Internationalist Commune in Rojava. If you have ideas or contributions for the gathering please get in touch by email on

Friends, comrades and all those who wish to remember Anna and others are welcome. Meeting point is the International Brigades plaque at 2pm.”

Copa Sandino & Copa Lucrecia

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Annual mens and womens footy tournaments, raising money for BLINCs amazing work in Nicaragua. More details to follow.

CACKK camp 2019

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Let us know if you want to get involved in planning! More details to follow soon


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To discuss proposed changes to the constitution suggested by the cricket team (see January’s Peashooter for proposed changes).

For those not in the know, a summary of the background to this EGM along with previous relevant meeting minutes will be sent out shortly.

Bristol Community Kickabout

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A monthly gathering of Cowfolk, their friends and families to build community and get to know each other through an informal, non competitive football match. We would also like to reach out to refugee and asylum seeking groups to see if there would be an interest in getting to know each other through football.

Happening on the last Sunday of every month, meet at the Netham Park Pavillion at 2pm.

This is an inclusive setting where all are welcome to play mixed football, but this is not obligatory.

Please bring some drinks and food to share for after the match.

The event is kid friendly.

First gathering on Sunday, March 31st, rain or shine or sleet or cloud or mist or fog.

If anyone has a gazebo and/or table to lend that would be ace, tunes welcome too – get in touch

For the Facebookers:

Once Upon A Time In The West Country 2019

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As always; football, booze, music, camping. All Cowfolk invited.

England v Brazil 1970

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The group match between Brazil and England in the 1970 World Cup Finals, has come to be known as one of the great games of World Cup history. Brazil would go on to win the tournament, with a now iconic team which included the likes of Pele, Jairzinho, Rivelino, and Carlos Alberto. The match is fondly remembered in England for one of the greatest saves ever made by Gordon Banks and the performance of Bobby Moore. It gave birth to this wonderful post match exchange between Pele and Moore, and this photo – which really is, the beautiful game…

Come and enjoy this classic game in the Windmill Pub from 7.30pm on Friday the 8th March. There will be an official world-cup programme to boot!

The event is free but donations kindly received (suggested donation £3-5).

Proceeds from this event will go towards Prostrate Cancer UK.

Tickets are available in advance or on first come first serve on the day. The room seats about 30, so there is bound to be space on the day.

Republica IFC annual footy tournament

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We’ve been invited (of course)…