‘We Will Share Your Story’ 2018 calendar

This October, a number of the Cowgirls football team joined members of sister teams Republica Internationali (Leeds) and Frau Dortebecker (Hamburg, Germany) on a tour of Palestine’s west Bank. “The motto of the ‘Freedom Through Football’ tour, was ‘we will share your story’ –  our promise to share with the wider world the truth of life in Palestine and in particular to highlight the story of women who play (and excel) at football in a country where football for women is far from a cultural norm.” Read more here.

A beautiful 2018 calendar has been produced to celebrate the tour, featuring photos from the trip. To purchase a copy (minimum £5 donation), contact Sooz at  scruffylittlevera@hotmail.co.uk

All proceeds will go to support the amazing work of Hamed Qawasmeh and the Hebron International Resource Network.

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