New Cowgirls committee for 2017

It was the Cowgirls footy Annual General Meeting last night, which meant a re-elect of the committee. Isy stepped down as vice-chair after 2 years of sterling work. She is replaced by Harry. As Molly has buggered off to Leeds she was also replaced as social sec by Wendy and Ev. The rest of the committee clung firmly to their positions:

Chair: Soooooz

Vice-chair: Harry

Secretary: Sally FW

Treasurer: Ev

Social secretary: Wendy/Ev

We look forward to ‘serving’ you for another year, ooh err missus! Don’t forget there are always loads of opportunities to get more involved in the club on and off the pitch – fundraising, organising games/event/talks/tournaments, media stuff, coaching, sorting out kit, you name it! Whatever you want to do, make it happen!

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