The ‘Balls, Barriers and Bulldozers’ tour continues

On Tuesday 17th October Kimmer and Harry spent the evening in Dorchester with the Dorset Palestinian Israeli Peace Group to screen Balls, Barriers and Bulldozers, the film about the Cowgirls and sister team Republica’s tour to the West Bank in 2014. It was a brilliant evening with 80+ people turning out. There was a really positive Q&A after with lots of ideas of how we can continue to spread the stories and raise awareness of the what’s happening in Palestine. Over £100 was raised selling merchandise from the tour all of which will go straight to Hebron International Resource Network to help the most poor and vulnerable Palestinians in and around Hebron.

Then on the 25th October our wonderful Soooooz travelled to Mere for ‘One World Week’ to show the film and give a talk about our activities in support of Palestinians, entitled ‘Football in the Olive Grove’.

A big well done to all involved for tirelessly keeping the message going!

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