World Cup Predictor Score 2014

The Brazilian World Cup gets underway in Sao Paulo on 12th June 2014 with the opening fixture featuring hosts Brazil against Croatia, the tournament runs for a whole month with football on everyday to keep us addicts up to date with our fix of football.

If like me you have no-one to support in the world cup, or like most of you will have no one to support once England are knocked out of the groups I have done a predictor score to keep everyone interested to the final.

Prizes and Donation

Prizes for the competition are as follows, 1st Prize = 30%, 2nd Prize = 15%, 3rd Prize = 5% of the overall takings. The other 50% will then be split between a local sports charity called Ability Sports that provides sports and activity sessions for kids with disabilities including Autism and Downs Syndrome. The rest of the raised money will be sent to our comrades in Brazil so they can continue their good work in the local community of Sao Paulo.

There will also be a very special prize that has been donated by Nick, Angelo and Tom (Thank you guys) at The Plough, details of this prize will become more apparent after the world cup has started.

If you would like me to email you an entry form please email

Entry forms are also available from The Plough by asking Nick the Barman.

Good Luck



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